Disappointment in Drinkable Form

October 13, 2020 at 20:21

Today Mox make drink! Blackrock Magma, from book.

Mox put in milk, cream, chunklate, tree bark, smoked-up potato and grind-up leaf bits. Mox heat up on stove.

Mox not like so good. Taste like chunklate cake, which not so much what Mox want in drink. Could not taste him spices at all. Sore tummy for Mox. Have added more milk, will simmer more grind-up bits in next time.

No pictuar today.

If Mox make again, Mox modify recipe:

Cocoa instead of chunklate chips; Butter instead of cream; More milk, less chunklate; Far many lots more grind-up leaf bits.

And no tree bark! Grind up cimmanoms instead and use that.

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