Feasts of Fantasy

October 10, 2020 at 09:03

I was given a copy of the Hearthstone Innkeeper’s Cookbook, as a birthday gift, at the end of September. Now, my birthday is not, in fact, until October- specifically not for another nine days- but I was intending, with the wholehearted support of my lovely wife (the gift-giver in this instance), to prepare the snacks and drinks within the book in a week-long, nerdy demivacation, playing World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, on its release on the 26th. It seemed perfect- right after my birthday, and a cookbook full of pub food, drinks and nibbles.

Depending on how far ahead of me you are reading this, you may have forgotten (or never known) but the release of the game was postponed - which thing I found out only after I had returned home with a large bundle of ingredients for the many cocktails in the book.

My disappointment was large and intense. Now, instead, I am working my way through all* the recipes in the book and we’ll see how this goes.

*Not really all - there’s one recipe that is based on tater tots, which we can’t eat here for reasons I’ll get into another time. For that recipe, I’ll be simply making waffle fries instead.

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