You've Heard This Before

July 22, 2022 at 13:40

I’ve been browsing the web at night the last few nights, waiting to fall asleep.

Every time, though, I run into the same set of problems: There are no webpages left. I just want to read about someone doing things I find interesting- meadery or landscaping or- this is the one I’ve been failing to get for the last few days- cooking while camping. I want recipes that I can cook in a dutch oven over a fire. What I keep getting is recipes for glamping. Or recipes that will make you feel like you’re at a campfire. Or 20-minute, heavily-monetized youtube videos about ways you can cook just like home using tinfoil packets. Or someone’s blog that’s actually just a thinly-veiled set of five links to someone else’s blog, absolutely splattered with advertisement.

I just want- heck, even a blog would work, if it weren’t completely full up with ads that crash my cell phone- a page where someone’s writing about something they find enjoyable.

I guess I could start writing these myself.

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