Good Morning the Internet

November 13, 2023 at 10:00

Good morning, The Internet.

I’m writing this at 9:57 on a Monday- I have the day off from work- and I have a lot to do today. That is, there’s a lot I could do, if I wanted to feel super-accomplished- I don’t know yet if I want to feel that way enough to put in the work.

I’m sure some of this is the weather- gray skies, cold, with enough wind to cut but not the gusty fitful winds that feel bracing.

Some of this is that I did something to my shoulder last weekend when I was putting on the snow tires on, and now, at quasi-random, my left shoulder reminds me I’m alive with just a straight-up jolt of forget-what-you-were-doing-and-be-in-the-moment pain.

Some of this just… I’m tired, The Internet. I’m tired in a way that no amount of “Warm Jazz Music ☕ Cozy Coffee Shop Ambience with Relaxing Jazz Piano for Study, Work and Relax” can really assuage, because even if it is almost twelve hours long I need to stop listening to it at some point and do some work around the house, and I’ve let myself, without really noticing, fall into a pile of what at my last workplace we would have called technical debt.

All my workspaces are messy- the kitchen, the garage, the garden shed, most of the basement, even the desk in front of me. This doesn’t mean I can stop using them, and in some cases there’s deadlines looming- we’ll need to eat something for dinner, so the kitchen needs to be at least a little cleaner. It’s getting colder every day and there’s snow in the offing, so the garage should be cleaned out sooner than later- which means the garden shed needs to be clean.

Really, all of what I have to do today is a variant or a subset of “cleaning up a mess”. It’s safe to say my opinions on cleaning are somewhere in the area of “loathe”- I like a clean environment, I am not so much a fan of the effort to get there.

Well, it’s 10:07 now, The Internet, and my self-pitying whining has killed 10 minutes of the day.

Time to wrap up this post, put a bunch of things on today’s to-do list, and pitter, patter, let’s get at ’er. I need a coffee.

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