Farwalker's Field Guide

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“All problems are relatives.”

Hail, traveller, and welcome to Farwalker’s Field Guide. In brief, this is a simple blog, styled as though an actual logbook. I’m over six feet tall, most of it in my legs, and I used to walk for hours every day (less, now, between my day job and current events circa 2020 Anno Domini). Thus, the pseudonym “Farwalker”.

This is an odd duck, and a counterculture blog, I’ll admit it- it has no comment functionality and no advertisments, and that’s no accident. It’s very much a throwback to more primitive days of the internet, and I’m running the whole thing on an old computer in my basement, to recapture just a bit of the sense of the old World Wide Web, back when it was driven by the users, not by the corporations.

I’m tired of dynamic web application servers, I have enough of those in my day job - the most excitement this website will feature on a daily basis is the occasional bit of javascript or some tricks with Hugo, which I am using to generate the site. I’m definitely sick and tired of advertisements and animations and flashy (or flashing!) colours.

While I could have comments even using Hugo- I’ve done the setup for Staticman for another site I run- that would require a privacy policy beyond the statement I am about to make, and so I will not be setting that up.

This website does not collect any information from you, nor use any cookies to track you.

I am importing the Calligrafitti font from Google and that is 100% the extent of my external links.

There is no further privacy policy on this website, because it is by design a read-only document.

So come in out of the world, have a seat on the windowsill, ask the kobold for a drink and some snacks, and enjoy leafing through a book in peace.

Oh, and feel free to click on any of my pictures to get a better view.

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Big Stompy Robots
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