Love is a Burning Thing

October 12, 2020 at 11:38

We successfully took out the villains, at which point I was riotously sick. I’d just killed several people, and unprovoked personally at that.

The only other person of reasonable height introduced herself- called herself Anaïs and tried to make me feel better. It worked a bit. Then, once we’d ensured everyone was OK, we moved in on the leaders of the bandits.

Well, I don’t mind telling you, things looked grim. There were eight of them to just seven of us, barring the crazy ghost thing- I’m still none too clear in my own mind about that- but we figured on we’d even the odds by starting with a fireball. I was guessing on using the Flute to come in through the chimney to get some surprise drop on ’em, and it kinda worked.

Well, between their numbers and the fact that they were some kind of dark priestesses, things weren’t going any too well for us- they had some kind of dark ritual sketched out on the floor in blood- real black magic, you know? So me and Dancer worked to even the odds. I played the Flute again, and the music got away from me, again, which wasn’t my favorite thing ever, you understand. Still, I put a fairly creditable ring of fire up, and that biggun Crash just started tossing elves inside of it.

Well, it wasn’t too much of that it took for us to take the day, but I’ll tell you- one of those elves, she hit Dancer with some kind of magic and, well, there’s not much left of him to stitch together.

I joined up with this lot for the tales and the coin and for lack of much else to do, and I helped with those elves because a half-blind dwarf, dazzled by daylight, could’ve seen that that spell was evil.

Now? Now I want to track down the man running that ritual and feed him his own teeth.

Out of Character Notes

I’m struggling, still, to find a motivation that works for Ilex. He’s definitely more of an innocent than my previous characters. While Halvard had a story reason to be with the other characters in his party, Ilex only has reasons to be in the world. Also, Halvard was much more battle-hardened, where Ilex lost his chunks after killing bandits- but this is D&D, so a character that can’t handle combat is detrimental to the story. I’m also trying to build bonds with the other characters so he has a reason to be with them, rather than ditching at the first tavern they come across that’s not infested by bandits.

So far, the ways this has manifested are:

Having Dancer killed by the leader of the bandits is definitely a reason for Ilex to be on the same business as the party, at least until that bandit leader dies.

Also, for combat notes, the Wall of Fire spell is absolutely brutal and it’s definitely a good thing that I only have access to it once a day. Crash can pick people up bodily with Grapple and drag them inside it, provoking a lot of damage.

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